Core Services


Elevation’s clientele includes internationally recognized companies, organizations, performing artists and celebrities  that span the areas of sustainable business, music, art, entertainment and eco-educational sectors. We utilize the power of socially conscious business platforms and creative vision to achieve the goal of developing sustainable business ventures that serve the triple bottom line of people, planet and profits.

Core Services include:

  • Business Plan Development,  Visioning and implementation: Providing the insight, experience and resources to assist clients in establishing their business realities “Grounding Heaven and Earth” on the road to profitability and sustainability.
  • Fundraising and Sponsorship Management: Utilizing an extensive and proven data base,  networking connections and personal relationships to assist clients in Identifying Investors and sponsors, raising capital closing mutually beneficial deals.
  • Event Production: Managing all aspects of the event production process, from large scale festivals, concerts, expos and conferences, to boutique fundraisers and private retreats.
  • Project Management: Providing the experience, skill and knowledge base to take ownership of key elements of your greater business program. From departmental reorganization and strategic vision implementation, to creative analysis, idea generation and getting the job done.relationships, networking connections and direct access to the top performers, speakers and creative artists in the world
  • Talent Programming & Curation: Drawing on vision, creativity and hand on experience supported by a highly personalize international database of the top entertainers, speakers and lectures from around the world to create highly engaging programs and events.
  • Event Planning, Operations and Logistics: Vision, programming, Budgeting, Production and Profitability from A to Z.
  • Financial Management, Budgeting and Accounting: Identifying the financial and value added resources needed to successfully fund, implement, account for and receive a positive return on investment.


Conscious Event Production